This blog has no clear direction, but here’s an attempt at organization.

Quarantine 2020

Live from La Cuarentena–March 2020
Existential Angst & Lingerie–March 2020
Play Some Relaxing Wave Sounds and Join Me for “The Grateful Hour”–March 2020
It’s OK to be this Intense, Right?–April 2020
Babies and Mead: Life Before Quarantine–April 2020
I Know. It’s Been a Minute and a Half.–April 2020
“Angry Girl Music” or: Callin’ Ya Bullshit–April 2020

Living Abroad

I AM NOT A NOMAD. –September 2017
“I Have Been a Long Time in a Strange Country.”–February 2019


New Views, Old Thoughts–October 2016
How is Madrid, You Ask?–November 2016
Mah-drid Moments–December 2016
Follow Your Heart and You’ll Always Feel Delirious.–October 2017
City Pissues: Brushed by a Wing–June 2019
It’s Complicated.–July 2019
Pachamama in Flames–July 2019
Top 6.5 Reasons Why August is Madrid’s Best Month–August 2019
Holaaaa Chiqui,–February 2020

Life Lessons

WebMD for the Middle-class Millenial Woman–January 2017
How To Pack in 24 Self-Reflective Steps–July 2017
How To Cover Your Body in Buttercream–August 2017
PSA and a Mantra for Malcontents--June 2018
Easing Into The Asscrack of Dawn: A Lesson in Absurdity–September 2018
A Quick Word on Feelings–August 2019
Other Ways to Help Yourself–February 2020

Stuff I’ve Seen & Heard

Let’s Bring Letters Back— April 2017
The Doorman in My Bewbz–July 2017
Dear Amateur Choir–November 2017
America Part 6, Day 2–July 2018
There are days when I live in what has been–August 2019
Things I Love About America–September 2019


Scenes from a South Philly Saturday–September 2016
Sunday Reflections: Old Post, New Day–October 2016
Dusk, Darkness, & Daylight in La Manga–August 2019
Life on Wheelz–January 2020
City of No-Shits-Taken–February 2020

Art, Literature, Film, and toda la pesca

Very Serious Notes from A Photo Exhibition–September 2016
PSA: I’m About to Become a Hermit –September 2016
Gimme Some Champagne and Some Filthy Rich Lovers of Paint–November 2018
American Healthcare & A Few Useless Book Reviews–December 2018
Falling in Love is Wanting to Scream:–April 2019
The Library is Open and I Am Swearing A Lot–August 2019


The Internet is An Intimate Stalker–September 2016
Does Etta James Make You Cry? Let’s Tango–September 2016
Gazing at Navels and Cherry Blossoms–March 2017
I Don’t Need a Calendar–June 2017
Do Like the Schuykill and Flow–July 2017
Forgive Me, Spanish Grandmothers, for I have sinned.–September 2017
On Resolutions and Self-Employment–February 2018
What Can I Offer Your Company? All Of The Answers.–March 2018
When All Else Fails, Write Shit–April 2018
It’s September, I’m Twenty-Eight and Over It–September 2018
Julia Cameron Probably Wants You to Be Christian–January 2020
Nude Trees and the Life Beneath Them–March 2020


Here’s the thing about today–February 2017
Mysteries of the Mind–March 2017
Mysteries of the Mind, Part 2–April 2017
I will never grow so old again–April 2017
In case you ever wondered how your weird-ass middle-school teacher started her days…–April 2017
“Nowadays, all these girls are singing about their encounters and their dresses.”–November 2017
“Angry Girl Music” or: Callin’ Ya Bullshit–April 2020