Pachamama in Flames

Last week I woke up to old news that the arctic is ON FIRE. Since my most recent birthday, I’ve fallen deep into existential anxiety, so that tidbit really got me worried: about myself, my family, my friends, my friends’ children, and the children that my friends or family might someday have.

To avoid exploring that (for now), here’s a brief weather report from Madrid:

In July, the words most commonly used to describe the city were “hellish”, “insufferable”, “miserable”, “disgusting”, “dangerous”, and “unbearable.” Common folklore says that hell is located below our feet; one must descend into its depths. Hell for many, however, is higher up: a fifth floor apartment atop a hill in a mid-July heatwave, summer-camp classrooms and convenience stores that “smell like humanity.” Siberia turning to ash.

August is just a day away, and things are finally cooling down here-but who knows for how long? I am looking forward to the month, hoping the mass vacation exodus isn’t just a myth, and that I’ll get to enjoy empty buses and quiet terrazas.

Reina Sofia Madrid
Saturday night in front of Reina Sofia, Madrid.

I’m also dedicating this month to treating my body with some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. I want to be physically prepared for the September uncertainty that awaits me (more on that l8r), and also a middle-aged  muscle-man recently told me that it’s now or never.  I also want to think about things other than myself, such as the earth.

This is what I’ve come up with so far:

Stop using plastic straws. Quit your Starbucks habit.

Set up an organized & sustainable recyling system at home. Truly make a space for it in both your home and your heart.

Buy local (I am failing so hard at this one).

Share bath-water… and your own tips, if you have any!

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